Your first visit to our office will be with Dr. Lake. She will start with a very thorough examination. We start by acquiring digital X-rays, as needed.  (If you already have recent X-Rays, please let us know.)  Dr. Lake will also screen you for oral cancer, examine your TMJ and check for oral infections and gum disease.  Once we have all of this information, Dr. Lake will spend some time talking with you about your concerns and expectations for your oral health. Together, we will create the best plan for you.  This exam will take about an hour.  

Next, you will see one of our excellent hygienists. If you have healthy gums, she will do a routine dental cleaning. If you have infection or gum disease, she will begin treatment to get your gums healthy again.  

We can schedule your first visit to our office as either one long appointment, or two shorter ones.  If you prefer to have everything done on the same day, plan for a first-time visit of about 2 hours. We can also set up two separate dates your initial exam and your appointment with a hygienist, if that works better for you.